Polly F, 2018 (DJ)

Janni Goslinga for Internationaal Theater Amsterdam, 2017 (actress)

Linde Schone for C. Magazine

Michiel van Erp for Internationaal Theater Amsterdam, 2018 (director)

Eelco Smits for Internationaal Theater Amsterdam, 2017 (actor)

Lone van Roosendaal, actress for Winq (2015)

Nicolas Mansfield, director of the Dutch Touring Opera for Winq (2015)

Thomas Acda for Winq (2017)

Ralph Keuning for Muze Magazine, 2018 (director of  Museum De Fundatie)

the National Ballet for Winq (2015)

Chris Peters for C. Magazine

Kevin Hassing & Wieger Windhorst for Winq (2016)

Mariette (2015)

I got commissioned by Frames B.V. to make a work for and with one of their employees, Mariette. She seemed like an adventurous and determined person to me, with a strong heart for travelling. That's why I decided to create a modern take on a classic pioneers woman.

styling / Mark Stadman

hair and makeup / Marije Koelewijn

Hans van Maanen, choreographer, for Winq (2015)

Marcel Musters for Winq (2017)

Wilbert Bannenberg for De Correspondent (2017)

LAKSHMI for C. Magazine

Anna Nooshin for NRC (2014)

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