Curious about AI image making but don't know where to start?

! There is currently no workshop scheduled. If you want to be put on the waiting list, or if you're interested in scheduling a private lesson, please contact me !

No worries—I'm here to guide you! This workshop is designed with beginners in mind, providing a welcoming space for us to embark on this exciting AI adventure. No prior experience needed—just bring your curiosity and an open mind!

🚀 Discover how Midjourney can elevate your concepts, moodboards, and photography skills. 🌟

💡Subjects that will be touched upon💡

✅ Introduction to AI Image Making, Midjourney and basic concepts

✅ Using Midjourney as a tool for creative concepting

✅ Using advanced techniques: parameters, blending/merging, styles

✅ Using Midjourney to create photographic series - or using it to elevate your photography skills

📆 Workshop Dates: - 

⌛️ Duration: Three Classes of 2.5 hours each

📍 Location: Louwesweg 1

🛠️ What Do I Need? A laptop/phone with Discord installed.

💰 Costs: a friendly pilot price: 250,- excl. VAT*

👥 Class Size:  4-8

*excluding Midjourney Subscription

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