I got asked to create a campaign image for the annual gay & lesbian filmfestival (Roze Filmdagen) that takes place at the Ketelhuis in Amsterdam. 2016's theme was superheroes.

To me, the real superheroes are the people in the lgbtq-community that dare to be different than societies dictated norm.

Thats why I decided to create a poster with 'pink superheroes', mixing gay & lesbian stereotypes with existing superhero characters.

In collaboration with Mannschaft and stylist Richard Schreefel we came up with our heroes: Golden Daddy, The Butch Rider, BEEF & Catboy.

Graphic design / Mannschaft

styling / Richard Schreefel (Angelique Hoorn)

hair and makeup / Joyce Clerkx, Marije Koelewijn (Angelique Hoorn)

photography assistant / Martijn Mendel

 video trailer / Rogerio Lira

3D version of RFD logo / Willem Stapel

models / Derk, Jinan, Ernst, Yu Lun

Two 2x3m sized 'posters' at the Ketelhuis.

On the streets of Amsterdam

image by Mannschaft

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