Nude calendar shot for the Amsterdam Lowlanders to raise funds for Bingham 2020.

Hair and makeup by Carlos Saidel & Eva Agerbeek

Creative co-direction by Bart van Merode

When thinking about the naked male form in relation to sports, it would be hard not to touch upon one of the most famous Greek sculptures ever made: the Discobolus of Myron. This statue, which depicts a young man throwing a discus, dates from a time when athletes, gods, and heroes were incredibly popular as subjects in art, always displaying the "ideal" body and proportions.

I sometimes feel that, even after 2500 years, we still cherish many of these ideals, especially in the gay scene. As a consequence, I am sure many of us have felt excluded on some level in our lives because of our size, our shape or our perceived masculinity, whether by society or within our own communities.

There is no sport that I know of that is as inclusive as rugby, for it is a community where there is room for everyone. Big, small, muscular, juicy, it doesn't matter; there is a place and a position for you, both on and off the pitch. That's why, with this calendar, I let players of the Amsterdam Lowlanders pose alongside statues at the Allard Pierson museum. Combining the old with the new, we created new sculptures showing that there is no one true ideal, sculptures that show that there can be strength in fragility and cohesion in diversion, and that opposites can stand next to one other, on one pitch, as one team. 

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