When I started out shooting more portraits in 2016, being used to working from a ‘fashion’ kind of approach I was wondering about the meaning of ‘the porrtrait’ in relation to fashion. Too me, fashion is a great tool to communicate who one is, or who one can be. it is a means to create a persona. opposite to that, when shooting a portrait, that persona is already there. So I wondered: if fashion is about constructing characters - is it possible to deconstruct them when shooting portraits? Can I dismantle one’s image?

As I started to photograph more people, I started to wonder if dismanting one’s image was the right choice of words, as it assumes that fashion is some sort of mask to hide one’s true identity. It insinuates a discrepancy between an outspoken look and somebody’s inner world. I started to wonder, does this contrast exist? Am I perhaps trying to reveal something that is already being shown?

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